Dwayne Johnson Gifts His Own Custom Truck To Deserving Fan at New Movie Screening

A fan showing up to watch the latest movie by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had the shock of a lifetime—first by meeting the star himself, and then when the wrestler turned actor handed over the keys to his personal truck.

Johnson knew he would be treating the movie-goers to a meet and greet as well as free popcorn and ice cream at concession stands, but he also did a bit of research into those in attendance, and it was Rodriquez’s big heart that caught his eye.

“Oscar Rodriguez’s story moved me” Johnson wrote on his Instagram, explaining the gift, which was enough to make Rodriquez break down and cry.

A Navy veteran, personal trainer, and sole caretaker of his 75-year old mother, Rodriquez is also a leader of a local church group, and runs a charity to help victims of domestic violence.

“My original idea was to give away the Porsche Taycan that I drive in the movie, Red Notice,” Johnson wrote. “So we reached out to Porsche, but they said no.”

Meeting Hollywood’s highest paid actor on any occasion is a cause to be excited. The Rock has a reputation of being extremely positive, motivational, and prone to bouts of kindness.

After calling Rodriquez down from the seats in the theater to introduce him and share his story, he led the man out to the parking lot and handed him a card that said, “Thank you for your service brother, enjoy your new truck.”

“And now I can figure out how I’m getting home,” Johnson joked after his good deed. “‘Cause I don’t have my ride.”